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4th of July Parade

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4th of July Parade

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5. No. 168 : Post hole digger for catenary piers beach road

5. No. 222 : Location new station view NE [Highwood, Ill],

5. No. 34 : Weed killer in action

5. No. 45 : Weed killer in action [Highwood, Ill]

5. No. 50 : New shelter Highwood, Ill


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6 : [India?]/ produced by McIntosh Stereopticon Co., Chicago

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6. No. 75 : Trusson building addtion to storehouse Highwood, Ill

6th Grade : Elm Place

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79105 The Old Fort and and First Meeting House, 1621, Plymouth, Mass.

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A Bit of rock slope with plant life on trail to Gunsight Pass (Glacier Park, Montana)

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A Perfect day

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A Rural Scene

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A.P. Smith : 250 Laurel Ave.

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Adjustable Box Scrapper


Advantages of owning club home outweigh disadvantages

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Aerial view of Brand Studio with neighboring houses

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After the ball

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Akbar's tomb (Sikandra, India)

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Almost finished


Alnwick Castle (Alnwick, England)

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Alnwick Castle gate (Alnwick, England)

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Along the front, New York, about 1780

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Ambassador Bryce at Lincoln Tomb

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